Nepali Scientist in NASA conference

dynamic sixteen years Nepali scientist Rijan Karkee is attending the NASA conference from 28-31 May, 2009 in Orlando. He has developed a new theory on “ Gravitation force”. He had received a tremendous attention from Nepal Press, students, renowned local physicist and general public. His prediction on Gravitation force has also created interest among physicist in USA. It is a matter of great pride for all Nepalese and young students of our community to inspire from him and we should encourage him and all our young ones to achieve similar talent.Rijan Karkee, an outstanding young person is from middle class family of Nepal, although, he has already received various full scholarship from some of the reputable education institution of Nepal. Still he needs financial support from Nepalese to achieve his goals as his family is not able to provide all his needs.On behalf of “ Talentusa” I am proposing to create a trust fund in USA which should take care of his immediate and future needs so that he should be able to provide similar theory of Einstein E=mc2 and Rijan Karkee theory FG =Mc2d Which predict “Like our life cycle universe also has its own life cycle that continues for ever………………. and as per him the natural energy convert into gravity force.
report by mahesh sagar khanal for scientific nepal

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