Our current status of physics

It is disgrace to say that we are too back in science then other nations in the world. Each and every nation are doing their best in field of research but we are only playing politics and we aren’t concentrate on research even we are student of science. Just going college, getting mark sheet and showing it to get job is only aim of student of science. Government policy is not favoring any scientific research. Nast is also doing his formal performance only that will not improve any scientific level of Nepal. There are few organizations but they are only standing for their name only but real achievement is almost zero.
This is the main figure of nepali science. But in the world of web there are few websites and blog about science which are regularly giving news of science but more of them are not updated regularly because of no more activities of science in Nepal. So they are giving very few news of Nepal and they are based on international news only.
Main part of news in Nepal, paper media also not covering news of science. They have no any space for news of science and they give news of science on the page of national or international column. They have no reporter from science field. So researchers are feeling lack of news of science in Nepal.
This is only attempt to give news of science from Nepal but if we totally depend on Nepal there will no news for regular update so we will try to give news from Nepal and from world also. And we will also try to join science with philosophy and other aspect of social science. There will be news and articles from us as well as other recourses that will make you updated from the world of science. To make the blog better we regularly expect suggestion from you.
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