Spiritualism: - Judgment on the basis of science

The origin of the universe was done by the supernatural power. The universe has no own its existence. Each and everything in the universe are created by the supernatural power and they are here to fulfill his willing. These above statements are the main theme of spiritualism. Spiritualism is that philosophy that seeks information of any object outside of it rather than on it. We will simply describe origin of spiritualism its development and its effect on society.
Spiritualism claims that the origin of the universe was done by supernatural power. They claim that once there was such an era that was totally fulfilled with each and every pleasure. Spiritualism says that era as golden era (Satya Yuga). Nowadays we are seeing development of science in such a way that no one can imagine that. When he is child the thing which he thinks as impossible, he is old it become simple to him. So if some says there was an golden era before thousands of years ago then it is not other thing more ridiculous then it.
But we can consider scientific fact that claims us that human being are developed from monkey but not by god. It seems more reliable. Man in primary stage could not understand even the normal thing on nature also. The birth and die of human, the sun, moon, rainfall, mountain, river, natural disaster all things see anonymous to him. So he considers all of thing in nature as supernatural power. If the man in primary stage have knowledge equal as the human being in nowadays then he mustn’t think such type of power but in that stage where there is no technology no any research his consider about supernatural power is obvious. This is the start of spiritualism.
But when the society goes developing the spiritualism become worse and worse. When class division starts, dominant class starts to explain this philosophy on favor of his own. Enjoy and pleasure comes from heaven. Hell and heaven were created. They say we do better in our previous birth so we are happy. Do your job better even you get nothing for that so will be happy in next birth. So this becomes main weapon of dominant class.
Still this kind of philosophy exists in the world. Science is getting over spiritualism but the spiritualism still claiming their belief. So every youth in the world must fight for the truth. This is the main need of today’s world.

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