In reality, the self is ever free. It never enters into a state of bondage. It is our ignorance that we think ourselves bound and this thought makes our supposed bondage persist and continue. If however we constantly think of ourselves as the eternally free self, we shall realise that we are ever free. He who considers himself free is free indeed, and he who considers himself bound remains bound. As one thinks so one becomes.

Once a herd of a hundred donkeys was being lead up a hill by the owner of the herd. On the way he had to rest at in inn. He was afraid of his donkeys escaping at night while he was sleep. But he did not have sufficient length of rope to tie them all. He only had a small length of rope which was hardly sufficient to tie one donky. So he planned in such a way that he pretended to tie the small rope around the legs of each of donkeys. In actual fact he did not tie the rope to any in the herd. Next morning when he pushed each donkey it hardly moved thinking that it was tied by the master. Only when the master pretended to untie them they begin to move.

Just review your life..............

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