Discussion about philosophy

Using weapon of copper, iron and stone man become powerful animal in the world but he can not take control over the natural events. So he thinks them as even influenced by supernatural power. Hence spiritual philosophy borned in the form of supernatural power and god. Human civilization lived under spiritualism for very long time. Man thinked every natural event on basis of spiritualistic point of view. So he express whatever he know in logical way and leave other remaining parts as supernatural facts. But after long time this trends started to break. Scientists started to analysis natural events in scientific way. Gallileo said that earth was not center of universe and Aristotle's statemdnt about earth's shape was not only initiative steps of science but was also revolutionary iddas at that time which attacked spiritual thinking initially.
Spiritualism although considering god as a center of universe had make it's region too much large. It is not worth to say that spiritualism almost give it's conclusion. Astronomy, Ayurvead, Economics, Law are strongly developed when modern science was just talking it's initial steps. Without using scientific knowledge and using only rational knowledge spiritualism developed. On the other hand using imperial facts materialism developed . Using scientific knowledge and facts it is in developing condition and still developing and until a theory " grand unified theory" that will explain all natural events will come materialism will in developing phase. So there is an interesting question that two major opposing philosophy at the end will come to same conclusion or totally opposite conclusion. It can be checked he we measure the a current progress of science. If science is proving the myth of spiritualism them finally both will end up in similar conclusion and if scientific facts contradicts spiritualistic facts then finally both will end in opposite conclusion.
Let up discuss some facts. Before relativity the eastern astrology was considered to be wrong because it assums earth as a center of universe. But relativity proves that the law of physics remain unchanged in any frame of reference. It supports eastern astrology because according to relativity any point in universe can be considered as the center of universe and the assumption of earth as center does not affect any scientific calculation. Again spiritualism claim that begining of universe was from energy and according to science it was from big bang. So both can be treated in similar manner.
Another interesting fact about relativity is time dilatiom. When one go to space with very high velocity them the time measured by him will be less them time measured by person staying in rest. This can prove the story of some people livin for thousands of year in mystical story. It is a good thinking of time dilation.
Although these examples supports both are same there is some difference also. The major difference is their basic assumption. Spiritualism strongly supports supernatural power where materialism denies it. Although spiritualism supports relativity and quantum theory it try to connect it with supernatural power. The philosophy generated by only logical explanation can have such mistakes which scientific theory does not gibte. And scientific theory is valid only until new theory emerges and displaces old theory. The newer emerges and contracts the boundry of older. So we can not say the science which we are dealing with is true. It is in developing stage. So finak explanation of science will be give by Grand unified theory . Then we will know both philosophy are same or opposite

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