Is communism inevitable? Answer based on physics

Karl Marx was great philosopher. Not only he studied all existing contemporary development of science, economics and sociology, but also he formulated new theory of dialectical materialism( which is also known as Marxism). Many communist believe that Marxism is the true analysis of society and communism is inevitable. But is it true? I'll try to discuss some conflicts about science and Marxism which will describe Marxism from new way.
At first Marxism is based on classical mechanics before relativity. It means Marxism never sees relation between energy and matter (Marx invested more time to derive conflict between these two ) . Again Marxism is never near to quantum mechanics. According to quantum theory any body may have many history and future because quantum mechanics is also based in probability.

Again Marxism explains that communism is the most stable state and like particle in physics tends to stay in most stable state. This may be true. But what is the necessity of revolution if society is flowing towards communism? If  communism is the path of society then use of  force is unnecessary. So there is no need of revolution. Some may reach there by using force but that state will be unstable because of external condition. You can heat water to 100 degree but if you leave it then it will automatically cool down to external temperature (in outside atmosphere). To maintain that temperature you have  to supply  continuous heat. similar case applies to stretching wire. So if condition is not ready then if you reach communism then you should move backward.This implies  you have to imply continuous revolution that is not practical.
Same thing apply  if communism is not possible. Then how much time you reach communism similar time you have to return backward?
Then what is the need of revolution?

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