Don't cheat yourself. let's play a funny game 

Read everything before answering anything

1.      Write your name in the upper right hand corner of the paper

2.      Circle the word name in the above line

3.      Draw Five small squares in the back side of the paper

4.      Put X in the square number 4

5.      Recite the English alphabets in reverse order

6.      Sign your name on one of the squares
7.      Now scream out aloud your favourite actors name
8.      Get up and sit down again. Repeat this thrice

9.      Multiply 99 by 234

10.  If you think you are sure about all the previous answers loudly shout “I’m always right ”

11.  Shout out loud the name of your favourite food

12.  Sing so that everyone can here the first 2 lines of your favourite song
13.  Punch 3 small holes in the paper

14.  Call out loudly “I’m the leader”

15.  Now that you have finished reading carefully, just answer the first question.

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