texts on my birthday

Life is really amazing thing. How it starts, how it flows and how it ends it is really uncertain and that is the most important aspect of life. If someone tries to flow with the will of life he will certainly reach the ocean of life but if someone tries to deny it then he will never reach anywhere rather than get polluted. This is the most interesting nature of life I have ever found. But it took my several years to realize it. I’m happy where I am today. I have no any complain with my life and anyone who are connected with me. I am thankful to my parents who introduced me to this beautiful world.  Can only thank can pay tribute to them? Never. But life has too many such aspects that cannot be expressed in the words. But without words also I feel these texts incomplete. Love you so much. Sastanga dandawat to you pita and mata………..
Again thanks to the almighty that is helping me throughout this journey. I know I’m only a medium and he is conducting me towards a goal that is a great union between zero and infinity. I will try to go through that way that he is showing me and hoping that I would follow it.
And to dear, since the person I’m indicating here is only dear to me and I do not prefer to indicate name the person is only dear to me. So dear, you are also the most important part of my life. I never expect anything from you. I just hope that you will be with me as you are right now. I just want to see you that you realize what you are for me. If you realize that will be the most attractive gift for me from you. Love you so much dear.
Dear friends you know who I am.  And I want to see all of you with similar company. I have my certain ideology that many of my do not like. But I only concerned about intersection not union.
I have certain ideology in my life. I know this is a great opportunity and I do not want to waste it. That’s why I feel something different which is not widely accepted in this society. if someone have any problem with my ideology. I just want to say forget it. We have different ways and if we walk together we can never reach goal together. We must be separate.

That’s all for this day.

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