Why I am out of politics now?

Most of my friends ask me what is going in Nepal? What is the current circumstances? I reply to them that friends I am not involved in politics anymore. They can not believe this. It is due to my past political activity. And some friends also try to convince me about politics. But I am totally out from politics now. Why? I have given some answers that I feel but it is not necessary to be true.
Sometimes ago I believed that politics is the only way to end suffering of people. We must go through revolution and we can change the people of life forever. That I thought at that time. But what is the benefit? How much time it will take to reach that goal? Will there will be a state of no suffering? No that is not true. The real suffering arises from the internal ego. And it will exist in capitalism, communism and in all form of social and political system. so there is no way to remedy this suffering through political movement. So to become happy and have no suffering we must change our self from internally. That will be the real happy life. So i choose this way for my life. So I am not in politics ant that's all............

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