Sources of Law

Law is a tool, which is used to maintain harmony in society. It is a way to curb autocracy. It promotes the goods and prevent any negativity in society. It is promulgated by sovereign body of nation, implemented by exucative. Judicial bodies look over the violation of rules. So it is a way to conduct all the activities in nation smoothly.

Characters of a law
It is promulgated by sovereign body
It is obligatory
Violation of law will be punishable
It is equal for everyone
It is based on morality of people
It is right on implemention but flexible for amandement
It is a backbone of constitutionalism
Characters of good law
It should endorse equality. It should be  liberal, lack of autocracy,  system of judicial revision, people's participation, practical, 
Importance of law
To establish peace, to protect freedom of a person, ending of autocracy, establishment of good governance, protection of fundamental right, management of social change, to guide human behavior,and to end anarchy, impunity and misuse of power

Why constitution is a supreme source of law
Because it is made by people, and law which is against constitution will be nullified. Constitution give framework of the formation of law and give right to the particular body to form law.
Separation of power, manifests legislation as authorative body to form a law. Also, legislative body is directly formed by people's mandate. So it has full right to enforce, amend or nullify any law. It is divided into supreme legislation and ordinary legislation. Supreme legislation has all right to form a law as it is directly formed by the people's mandate, so any other laws can be nullified by supreme legislation. But sometimes,  legislation cannot form la, in such case it can grant it's authority to other bodies, such as executive, such legislation are called ordinary legislation. And law formed from such bodies must be in accordance to law formed by legislative.0
Since ordinary legislation is generally formed by law executive which enforces or implement law. It is more practical

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