Nepalese underachieving schools

Teaching is never easy. When you enter inside classroom, you are handed the future of small childrens  on your shoulder. And if you are a good teacher, you are well known about this responsibility, and you are well prepared about how to handle this pressure. 
This is what many textbooks tells about school. But you will find completely different story here in Nepal. 
And about the problems? You may find thousands of reports and scholarly analyzed articles about the problems of teaching learning activities in Nepal. But they have failed to discuss some problems about our education system.  In this article, I will try to mention
few  real life scenarios, that will clearly depict the condition of education system in Nepal.

Grade is everything
After the SEE results one of my neighbor organized a big party and invited almost every people he knows in this area, because his son had secured 3.8 GPA in Secondary education examination. It was not just a celebration, but also a challenge to all the peoples who were present in party. He just conveyed a message that  whether their wards can achieve such feat or not. After that day, few of my neighbor started becoming more strict towards their children, because they wanted their children securing more GPA than 3.8 and organized similar party and prove that their children are better. Because of such competition, students are compelled to get better grade. If they fail to it, they are punished and deprived from many facilities. So students want better grade in exam.  Because of it, most of the time students search for important questions which will be asked in exam. Before exam, they just try to memorize everything, even mathematics.  If they fail to  memorize they will try to cheat just to get good grades. As, most of parents prefer better grades, school generally try to manipulate the exam system in their favor.
What school will do for better result
One possible solution is to hire better teacher and adapt to new and innovative ideas in classroom. Since schools will be evaluated by the result, every schools will try to make their result better. If they can produce a good result, there will be more number of students willing to get admission on that institute. So, school will try to get better result at any cost. And you may not believe, in internal examination, questions are generally already provided to students and if it is external exam, invigilators are bribed to allow students to cheat in exam.
Curriculum is too vague.

Last time  I got chance to teach few students belonging to CBSE board. CBSE board is known as a comparatively better board among south Asian schools. But, when I started teaching there, I found our curriculum more complex. Talking about class nine mathematics, CBSE board includes Number system, polynomial, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, whereas Our compulsory mathematics comprises Set, arithmetic and also we have optional mathematics which  includes matrix, transformation, coordinate geometry, vector and trigonometry too. Even a brilliant student can not grasp this much topic in one year. How a average student will cope with this course.
Money is everything
Last year I was teaching science in one school, and there was a student, who was very reluctant toward his study. When I asked him about his behavior, he explained like this
“I will pass he exam anyhow, and join hotel management course. After that I will apply for student visa for Austrialia and  earn sufficient amount of money, and then return to Nepal and build a house where I will settle”.
As being a least developed country, still country is struggling  to manage a good measure of social security. Because of which, earning a good amount of money and owning a building measures as a great success. If you are financially sound, your academic achievement will be overshadowed. So most of the people will crave for money instead of education. This has some impact in classroom too. And, most of the students inside classroom do not think that, the classroom activities will support them to peruse this dream.
...... to be continued

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