How to utilize lockdown time. Few advice for students

Because of  lockdown, we all are stuck at our home. And we have almost started feeling bored, right? Our schools are closed, even in this long holidays, we are not allowed to go out and meet friends. We have started to realize that watching LED screen every time does not feel good. Schools have started online classes but it is  very difficult to grasp everything because of poor internet connection. It  seems that time has just stopped at this moment. But it is not true for everyone. Some of the kids of your age are utilizing this time to hone their skills in which they are passionate.

Today, we are the global citizen. That mean we have to be best in global scale. Pubg  is famous in almost every countries, but you may not know any good game produced by the developer of your country. We use facebook, twitter , instagram, youtube or blogger as Im using to post this blog, but almost no  social media produced by any web designer of your country, you might be using. This means only one thing, in such globalized world, you must be exceptionally good in your field to surpass any limitations. You  are little bit lucky because you got a long break from your school or college to explore your passion and work o it. Which was almost impossible for previous years. So you can something extra to shape your better future.


Almost all good entrepreneurs are passionate reader. You may not believe this because, it is taught that Bill gates was college dropout and Bla Bla Bla. But it is never told that they left college because they did not find their college was useful But surprisingly Bill gates recently uploaded one video recommending five good books. In other words, he is a passionate reader. Similarly great leaders or entrepreneur reads books to broaden their views. So it is wise to read books, if you don’t get sleepy during reading.


Watching movies can broaden your mind. I’m not talking about some Bollywood movies which do not have any particular views except entertainment. But there are some good movies which can brainstorm the thinking of any person watching those movies. A good site for recommending better movies is Imdb, which have listed best movies of different genres. Among those movies, few could be found in Youtube or Netflix, or can be downloaded from peer sharing network such as torrent.

Music or Arts

As there is plenty of time, it is right time to learn basic skills or learn sophisticated skills in different forms of arts such as music or painting.


Everyone knows, information technology is encompassing all the fields and very soon, every field will be within the grasp of such technology. Every field in upcoming generation will demand a good command of data analysis. To be a perfect data analyst, excellency in programming language is required. Few programming languages are taught in school but they are not sufficient or outdated. So this is the optimum time to learn any programming language. Codeacademy might be a good choice to learn programming language. Just you need to sign up and choose any course, it will start to give concept and instructions, and few tasks to be done, which will make programming language really easier.

Online courses

Naaaahhhh……. It might be your reaction, if you are fed up by the online courses provided by your school or college, but there are really  better online courses, which encompasses courses beyond your curriculum, which may match your passion. So why not utilize this time by taking some online courses from coursara or edx.

Content creating


If you are really creative, you can create youtube videos or write blogs. If your content is good enough, sooner or later, you will start making money from it.

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