Why do I write.

I’m not a wise person. I do not have any courage to say anyone to read anything what I have written. It is because, after so many years of expressing myself in different platforms, I have realized that I lack in depth knowledge, and I have no any original ideas.  My expressions are generally the impressions I got from different sources, which I have encountered till  now and instead of reading my writings, you can just search for those original sources and get more authentic information.  But there are some reasons, I will never stop writing. It is directly linked with my lifestyle. If you know me personally than you surely know that I’m introvert and antisocial person. And, instead of spending hours with friends, I prefer to stay at home learn something new. This habit had taken me to various places you may never imagine. I have been a member of ISKCON, OM Shanti. I have practiced meditation of Osho and Manokranti movement. I have been  a member of church and definitely I visited Mosque so many times wearing typical Muslim costumes. I have practiced almost everything in pursuit of truth. So, whenever I write, it will reflect the state of my mind of that particular moment. And when I look back to my life, it will help me to memorize and to feel every moment of the path I had taken. So, you will find me as a pure devotee in one place and staunch atheist in another place. Which will never sound logical, but it has happened with my life. I want to record everything of this interesting journey, so I will write every time whenever I felt something new. And definitely I will write.

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