Some android application which can teach you science better than your teacher

We are inside our home since two month and already  started feeling bored because of such a long break. Why not utilize this time, to explore something about our nature and science, which is   rarely discussed in classroom, but can broaden your knowledge about science. Here I am going to discuss two android applications which are really useful to understand some about astronomy.
Can you recognize mars or jupiter in sky? Or have you ever seen or noticed Ursa Major? If you want to explore night sky, Sky Map can be a good choice. If you have an android device with magnetic sensor, it will work perfectly for you. Just, point your device toward any direction and it will identify that direction and  recreate the view of that particular direction in the device and detect every heavenly object, in that particular direction. Even with naked eye,  some planets like venus, mars,jupiter and saturn can be observed if  sky is clear. It has search option, which can be used to find direction of any particular heavenly object. Also there is time travel option, which will give idea, about the view of sky during different times. For example, currently  jupiter and saturn can not be seen during evening but can be seen easily in morning. Sky map will tell everything about it, so watching sky will be more fun.

Also, there are some paid apps such as stellerium and other free apps also, but I prefer Sky map because of its small size and great accuracy.

Another good application is Gravity Simulator which is useful to know about trajectory of planets and other heavenly object in presence of some other objects such as sun. Also it will help to learn about speed during revolution around the sun and also helps to know about how planets revolve in elliptical obit. Also, some objects can be created to observe the effect of gravity of other massive objects and helps to know, why jupiter and saturn are boon to the life on earth. There are some other applications too, which are also useful as this application, and you will enjoy the simulation and understand gravity more clearly.

About similar application in ios, I will write in another blog post. Also there are some useful apps which helps to understand mathematics more clearly. I will write about them very soon.

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