Turmeric powder and KP OLI

I had read one story about a professor of philosophy in Paris. One day, he pronounced in college that he was the wisest person in the world. His students challenged him to prove his proclamation. He was well prepared for this situation, so he took out his map of the world and asked which country was the best in the world. All students were French so obviously, their answer was “France”.

‘Which is the best city in France?” Still, he continued,

“Paris”, students replied in unison.

“Which college is best in Paris?”, again the Professor asked

“Our college”, students replied.

“And I’m the principal of this college. I'm the principal of the best college of the best city of the best country in the world. So, I'm the wisest person in the world”, Principal gave his conclusion.

Students knew, he was not right, but the professor used the psychology of all students cleverly. 

Because the professor knew, everyone thinks, their country, language, culture as superior to others.

Every people think about their country, their culture, or other identities best because they want to prove themselves best. Dear prime minister,  I don’t know whether you intend to use pseudoscience or you are a victim of such dogma, it is better to realize, Nepal is a beautiful country, not the most beautiful country. We have a good climatic condition, but so do some other countries too. And turmeric powder is good for health but not a panacea.

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