A great dilemma. Should private schools closed right now?

Sometimes we have to do something exactly opposite what expect special when they do not trust you.
In Nepal, the private school are always looked with disdain. Every time they have a tag of being money grubbers. They're always providing better result than their counterparts public schools which are funded by the government. But this contribution is. always neglected. Society never thought or treated them as an entity of itself. 
After pandemic started in one hand public schools are closed and their teachers are enjoying their long vacation. At the same time, teachers of private schools are leaving no stone unturned to make their students updated. Since 3 months they are not getting any salaries and many of them are in a miserable condition. Generally, teachers of private school work harder than a teacher of public schools. They keep updated themselves, about new innovative ideas on teaching and learning. But they are always teacher as incompetent, feeble or even non-existent
When private school started online teaching, people thought they are doing it only for money. They never thought they are keeping their kids busy and active. They never thought they are adopting new technologies and somehow their kids are also learning it.
We all know private schools solely depend upon fee paid by parents or guardians. And after lockdown, many parents are not willing to pay any amount of money. Government is not willing to support private schools. And many schools are on the verge of collapse. And from today onwards organisation of private schools have decided to halt online teaching. This action will endorse the people sentiment that private schools are craving for Money only. Why can't we surprise them by being more lenient?
Teachers teaching in private schools are generating better result than their counterparts in public school but they'll always underestimate. Every aspect, they are better but people think they are incompetent. With the help of online teaching, for the first time, everyone can witness of teaching methodologies. This is the right time to generate a good impression and make them realise what we can do you and what we are doing for their kids. Many of depending upon the salary from our school and it is too much difficult even for survival. But if you can withstand this dire situation, people's perception towards us will be changed, which will be fruitful in the upcoming future. But school should co-operate with us
As we know people think the private school are concerned with only making money, they can utilise this time, to remove the tag. And only public audit can do this. For this dire situation, the government is not wearing to help, parents are indifferent toward us. So if the school can make everything transparent, including salaries, loans another expense, and if they offer parents for the support they will be willing to help schools. And by doing so, the school can generate trust from peoples.
We are having a very difficult situation, but in every dark cloud there is a silver lining, and if we utilise this time properly, we can change everything.this is the right time to make people realise what we are doing for the sake of society. And only the Union of school and teachers can do this. I am ready to contribute, are you?

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