Mathematics in School level in Nepal, Singapore, Hongkong, United States and Finland, A comparative analysis

Mathematics is regarded as one of the tough subject in Nepalese schools. If we count the number of students failing in school level, we can see majority of students being failed in Mathematics.  In this article, I will try to analyze the curriculum of different countries, and their performances.

In this article, I will compare school curriculum of mathematics of different countries. I have taken four countries, Singapore, Hongkong, Finland and  England. There countries were second, fourth, tenth and thirteenth in PISA 2018, mathematics ranking. Since, no countries from south Asia had taken part in this test, we don’t know, actually what is overall performance of south Asian students.

If we compare the general outline of curriculum of different countries, we can see Algebra,   Number ( arithmetic ), Geometry , Probability and statistics is taught in all countries.  Measurement is not taught in Finland, but Finnish curriculum comprises of thinking skillsand Functions too. Function is part of optional Mathematics curriculum in Nepal.

If we see the NCERT course of India of grade nine, we can see only number system, algebra, geometry, mensuration and data analysis is included.

But curriculum prescribed by CDC, Nepal includes Set, arithmetic, mensuration, algebra, geometry, set and statistics for compulsory mathematics. Also we have additional mathematics, which includes function, polynomial, sequence and series, matrix, limit and continuity, coordinate geometry, trigonometry and transformation.

In general, what we can conclude is Mathematics course is too vague in Nepalese schools. Many teachers think, students must learn advance mathematics to cope with difficult problems in college level. Which is generally not true, as we have seen, many countries do not offer such complex course in school.


We can conclude, the unnecessarily vague curriculum is a hindrance to joyful learning inside classroom. Because of it, students are getting poor result every year.


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