Online Class, Rules (for class nine and ten)

 Meeting ID will be 9820022161 and password will be mahesh. Students need to remember the meeting ID and password. 

Zoom will be launched before 2 minutes and students must enrol within five minutes. Latecomers will not be allowed to join the class.

Students must turn on the camera. Turning off the camera or focusing somewhere except on their face shall not be entertained, and students will be removed from the classroom immediately. the teacher has full right to make an  inquiry about it with parents

Leaving the  classroom is not allowed. Such behaviour will be reported to the  school administration immediately.

Everyday, five questions and their solution will be posted in this blog. During class, we will discuss only confusion with the topic discussed here. For discussion, students must submit their inquiry before the class.

If any student fails to post any inquiry, it will be assumed that he/she is clear about the course. The teacher will have full authority to ask any question to such students.

If a student has submitted any query before class the, the teacher may check, whether he/she is clear about other steps or not.

Failing to respond in such questions will be taken seriously. Name of such students will be forwarded to school administration. Even, their parents can be contacted.

Homework will be provided after the class, and students must complete by 8 pm. Exactly at 8 pm, few students will be randomly asked to submit homework.

All notification about classroom and other further activities will be posted in this blog. So students are advised to visit this blog at 8 pm and 8 am to be updated

For every post of the respective class, students must leave a comment from their google account to make sure that they have gone through the study materials provided.

Thank you

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