God you are dead

Dear god,
I'm so sorry to announce that you are dead from the universe. The ruling class never want to see you dead. Although they know you never existed they want to make you surviving to fulfill their own will. They tell us that you are still in the world.
They tell us that you are only the truth.
But after long study despite of our lack of education we come very near of the truth. We know you did not create the universe and us. But universe come from big-bang and we are only animal in one of a small planet of this universe. Luckily we have developed mind to analysis, synthesis and think. We make a lot of work to know the truth. Thanks for those scientist who one by one prove theory that narrow your boundry and finally it comes to end. We were so full but it is now april I still now you know. We know what is our job. Why the fucking man doing that job to make you alive.
They tell us that you are only judhe and you can only maintain law and order in the universe. We know you are the problem to make a beautiful world. Yes you are the problem. We are sorry to you. We would kill you if we find you but you are already dead. Heartfelt condolence to you.
All the proleteriats from the world.

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