Science and spritualism. Are they both similar or different

Spritualism mostly based on the story that are being told from one
generation to another generation from thousands of years ago and
science which is going developing day by day and being too complicated
from one generation to another generation. Science mostly ignores the
myths behing spritualism and spritualism mostly ignores the
developement of science. Both are the interesting property of human
civilization so we should think that they are similar or different?

It is too hard to compare the two trend because one part is
being complexed by the mathematical derivation and other part is
covered by the myth of god. So extracting the philosophy from the
mathematical derivation and from a mystical story and comparing both
will be never easy. Science is the product of human civilization and
it is proved fact but the spritualism is only story and it's truth is
still to be tested. So there will arise a question how one can compare
such kind of two trend. But if we deeply study then it is not so
harder. I'm going to give some example which show that they are some
similarity betweem these two trend.
1) Time dilation is one of the most interesting discovary of modern
science but we can see glimpse of this in mystical story as there was
some person who lived thousand of years. As there is no possibility of
living such a long time there may be a thinking arises similar to time
2) big-bang is also a interesting theory but similar explanation can
be seen in Gita(holy book of hindu) as Krisina discribe himself as
universe and he releases himself as parts and reunite.
These two are only examples seem as similarity of two trend but as I
already said one is totally empirical and another is totally
hypothetical. Everyone must be surprised by these examples. But what
is truth? Is these two facts are similar or totally different? Only
time will say everything.

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