Educational system in nepal

Nepal a developing country which lies between India and China as a landlocked country. This country specially known for mount Everest, Gautam Buddha and so more, but from few years other things are also added in this list
           Maoist civil war, people's movement against monarchy and becoming the youngest republican country this country har pride.
Maoist party lead 10 year so called people's movement to end class difference and establish socialism but their civil war ended with 12 point agreement with other parties who were struggling for re-establishment of parliament. So the civil war was unable to end class system but after election the party become the largest party. But after election Maoist didn't take effective charge to prepare socialism. There are too much other aspects but we will discuss only about education system.

        Likewise other country in Nepal there are two kind of educational institution . First are government and rest are private. But the quality of education provided by the two different institution is vast different. There also different in rural area and city are for the facility of education. The upper class people do not want to send their children in government institution due to the quality of education. So the government school and colleges is only for poor people who can not afford high fee for private school. The teacher and responsible person in education sector also sending their children in private sector even they may from rural area. The main problem for public school and college is dirty politics by the wing organization of political party. Teacher who are employed in government school or college do not give more time in their school and involve in private sector where they work hard. Thus the two kind of students are produced each and every year.
I've summarized the difference between two different educational institution in Nepal . The result of class division in education will more harmful then expected. The first part educated from private school will not want to live in this country and go abroad and second part will not skillful in their sector due to low facility. Another part is that after compleating their education then two different person are leave to fight then people coming government institution will not abln to compete with other people.
Socialism is not only a slogan. It must be based on practical implementation. The three major party Nepali congress ( who refers democratic socialism) and cpn uml and ucpn Maoist who all intended to socialism and if they are really honest to socialism then they must start their first step by stopping class difference in education

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