I'm using blog since december 2005. So it is too long time that i'm
using blog. But i was unknown of blog in many respect. But in recent
month i come to know about blogging. This was the influence of my
friend in networking sites who are using blog also. So i decided to
run my blog again. I used many blogs as professional basis but finally
i realize that that blog's are not too much good. So i decided to
continue my personal blog in new outlooj. That will include my news,
article and other things. I'm proud of this blog because this gives me
an identity as a nepali blogger. Also i meet some friends who are
using blogger and gives me direction to use blog. This is my history
but this is not about.
I'm talking about the fact i realized. It is
comparision of blogger to other social networking sites.
We use social networking sites for many purpose. I also use that site
as well as blog in blogger which gives oppertunity to follow blog via
google friends connect from where your friend can follow your blog and
see your activity in their own dashboard. Also there are some
application that directly links your blog to social networking site
like networkedblog connect blog to facebook and twitterfeed connect to
twitter. So you don't have to post link in other site. Once you post
from blogger your post will be visible to all networking site. Some
feature like chat is not avilable in blog but sharing your idea is
better from blog. And for a person like me who have very little
internet access it is more useful so that i only post on blog and my
friend see my post in own respective place. So for me blogger is
better social network then other.

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