An unimportant step

My result has been published and i've formally announced to compleated
Bachelor in science. But i'm not compleately happy with my result.
There are mainly two reasons for it. First part is i'm not regular
student for this year. I know this is not my fault. There was a great
mistake done by office of controller of examination and neglijance by
a reputed professor from central department of physics kirtipur. And
the main victim of that fault were the physics student from
Tri-Chandra college. Only 32 students were passed amongest 200
students last year and the paper of 200 student was checked by a
professor who is also associated with private college and to promote
his college he has done that job. So it was just a news and not good
news to me. And again i've talked about education system in nepal in
previous posts. The exam system is not good enough to measure exact
talency of student. So talent student left behind of mugging student.
So i feel the result is only step but not important one step. My main
target is a mission that comprises the work for physics as well as
people's movement and that is the goal which can never measured by any
educational system in world. So I just considering this result as
only one step an unimportant step.

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