Newton's third law of motion and human behaviour

If we observe minutely the law of science then we can find similarity
in between science and human life. There are so many examples but I'm
talking here is about Newton's third law of motion. Which states that
"in every action there is equal and opposite reaction". So if we imply
some force in any medium then that medium also imply same amount of
force in opposite direction. The reaction may not be seen due the
status of system. Example, if we tight a gun in a fix wall and shoot
then the gun seems to be not giving reaction but this is only our
unablity to measure the reaction. Then how can be this law implied in
our daily life? I'm just giving one example. The dispute between two
person. You can never defeat a person by any kind of dispute. Dispute
is one kind of force that is implied by one mind to another mind so
another mind just reacts to the first mind as mentioned by the third
law of motion. But the type of reaction depends in many facts (the
person's social, cultural and other status) because he is human being
not a object. And sometimes the reaction seems more powerful then
action. That depend on the status of two person. But the action and
reaction are same and in opposite direction. Have you realized this
fact ever?

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