Are your blog post safe?

You are posting in a blog for three years and one morning you found your blog is collapsed then how will you feel? It will be crap when such a thing happen. Blogger policy has such a mechanism that if you found to be guilty to disobey blogger's rule then you may be such a victim. Then nothing can be done in reverse if you are not previously prepared. What is the prepare? Eager to know. Then here is a solution. Just follow following simple instruction.
Blogger has a facility to export blog. If you are writing for a long time then your old posts and comments have a great value. Just make it safe. To do this go to setting and export your blog. Then create another blog from different google account and import in that blog just in similar way. That will keep your post and comments safe. And if you are using costum domain then just link your new blog to the domain. So your visitor's never find out the fact of address.
The previous method is complicated because you have to do import export business in regular interval. If you just want to save your post and not in chronological order also then you can use mail facility. Just go to setting and email mobile tab. Just save your mail id and save it. It will send your new post in your mail. So your blog post will always be safe.
Happy blogging.

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