Jeevan Sharma and Raktim Pariwar (know them and download songs)

Jeevan Sharma a well known singer for his popular progressive songs. Born in Baglung a western district of Nepal especially for Rodhi "local folk songs" he was attracted to mucial field from his childhood. And after attracted by communist philosophy he started to sing the songs of people. He believes that music is the easiest way to change the mind of people. To make the movement stronger he stablished Raktim cultural movement
a different kind of musical network and larges musical network in the world. He still working as chariperson of raktim pariwar. Raktim pariwar already released at least 40 audio album and 4 vcd and two musical drama "Thuli" and "puja" directed by Jeevdn representing the lifestyle of nepali people. If you want to listen their songs then i'm giving link of few songs here.

feri pani hukumi sasan

dhaulagiri chayama

jharanako chiso pani

(thanks for the songs link)

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  1. Could you please add more songs from Jeevan Sharma? I stumbled accross your site as I was looking for his songs to download. Regards.

  2. k hajur le hidda hidai bharat ma nepali ko gatha bhetiyo.. bhanne geet upload garna saknu huncha..cha bhane chado garidinu hola!!!

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