Consumer's right in Nepal.

Living in a society which is highly advansed and developed have different kind of lifestyle. Such a lifestyle have different kind of rules and regulation which seems to be uncared in society like us. One of a example of such regulation is about consumer right which is fewly noticed In Nepal. In developed society consumer's right is highly interest taking subject but in Nepal if you talk about this then you'll be behaved as unusual. I'm giving some example.

1 ) we can see the current state of consumer's right in public transport system. The transport owner never behave the passanger like a human being. For them passenger are like a money in route so that they can collect as they can. Then imagine how'll they behave with passenger.

2 ) When you go to office and have to pay in Paisa then they always take money in Rupees grater then actual cost saying that they have no change. For a consumer it is less then one rupee but for a employee it has great value. As there are more then 100 consumer it will have great value. If anybody ask them about that they'll reply " if we leave paisa then we have to sell our house to pay the remaining amount". But they don't notice a home built from that money.

3 ) Other example is seen when we go to go shopping. When the shop owner have no change to return they will give you a chocolate but they never think you like the chocolate or not?

In new Nepal such behaviour should changed or not?

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