Philosophy and changing the world.

One who is interested in study of society or history usually know that the mainstream of social system is based in some philosophy. Philosophy itself is a epitomized version of the latest research in all field. So philosophy is directly related with the latest knowledge and lifestyle also. Based on the main foundation there are two major branch of philosophy Spritualism and materialism. As we know there is not equity in society then which philosophy will direct nearer to the utopian society. It is the major question arising in every era. Mostly materialism is belived to factor to change the society as communists strongly support this philosophy but
major drawback in this philosophy is materialism only discuss about external change and never deal with consciousness of people and method to change it. It is obviously related with spiritual level and so spiritualism must be responsible for it. But most of the pundits of philosophy in negative way and misinteprete the theme of spiritualism. In their view spiritualism is related with the devine which boundry lies outside the boundry of materialism. So materialism seems to be more progressive then spiritualism. But it is not true. Both philosophy is needed to change society perfectly. Most of the revolution finally become unsucces in last due to lack of propar change of thinking of people. So spiritualism is also required to change society. So proper use of both philosophy is needed to change the world. But there are some difference in foundation of both philosophy. Let's hope grand unified theory dissolves the boundry and a proper philosophy to change the world will arrieve.

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