Where the Nepal can be found?

Tourism year is coming soon. Tourism industry is working to make successful. If the plan become successful then a lot of tourist will visit Nepal. They will visit arduously planned place and find too much beautiful places. They will visit Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places called tourism area but
the total area of tourism aream will be maximum 10% and 90% will be remaining as a virgin area for tourist. Main point to consider is which part is the real Nepal? Well planned 10% area or the remaining part of Nepal which is unplanned and running usual and traditional way. It is positive to design some places as tourism place because it is a major economic source of a country but tourism is a way of learning about new place, new people, new culture etc. Just think when you go somewhere to visit and found everything beautiful and hear there was all artificial after returning from ther then how do you feel? Similar happen to other people also. Tourist may attracted to our village, cultural life style rather then just a beautiful place and star hotel. Because real Nepal will certainly found in 90% area and i can't say about 10% area which is called tourism area

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