Some GK about rivers in Nepal

Facts about rivers in Nepal
7.06 percent of total area of Nepal is covered by water.  
Almost one thousand rivers are longer than 11 Km whereas 100 rivers are longer than 160 km.
Water storage capacity of Nepal is 202000 million cubic meter out  of which, big rivers contains 148000 million cubic meter.
Koshi River: Believed to be the biggest river of Nepal, with 1564 cubic meter, flow rate per second and length of 702 m. It can irrigate 28140 Sq Km area.
Gandaki River: Believed to be the deepest river, with 1713 cubic m , and length 338 m flow rate and can irrigate 35000 sq km.
Karnali River, believed to be the longest inside Nepal. Length  507 km, flow rate 1316 cubic m per second and can irrigate 49000 sq qm.
Koshi Dam, started in 1954, completed in 1962
In local language, Marsyangdi is also known as Jagrung Khola
Length of few rivers
Kankai 108 km.
Kamala 107
Babai 190
Bagmati 163
Kankai multipurpose project is about to irrigate 36000 hector lang and produce 60 MW energy

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