Teachers day


Am i really a teacher? Can I call myself a teacher? No !

A teacher is a person who teaches. Who show a brilliant Path for their students.

But I'm not sure I'm doing it or not.

I'm not sure , the path I'm showing is right or wrong?

And the thing Im teaching. 

I'm not sure I'm teaching in right way or not.

I'm not sure I'm illuciadiang or not.

Im not sure I'm teaching or not.

Every morning I see some energetic faces.

I see innocent face.

And I feel I'm stealing their time.

I'm ruining their life.

I'm not sure they are learning or  not.
I'm not sure I'm teacher or not.

I'm not sure 
The thing they learn is useful or not 
They are going to use it or not
They are using it or not 

Oh god

I'm stealing their dreams
Their hopes 
And their valuable time
I'm a criminal 

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