About the book " Aafno Kitab "

I’ve  never  written  a  review  before.  And  I  never  thought  myself  as  a  reviewer.  Reading  books  is  my fantasy  but  writing  about  the  book  is  my  nightmare.  And  at  least  for  some  moment  of  life,  every  people feel nightmare.   Here  I’m  talking  about  the book    “  AAfno  katha  “  by  Namrata Pandey  and  Pradyumna  Raj  Pandey.  This  is the  first  book,  which  I  have  read  from  the  author  whom  I  know  personally.  Namrata  Pandey  was  on  my Facebook  friend  list  since  seven  or  eight  years  and  I  was  always  inspired  by  her  motivating  status  on facebook.    We  were  connected  only  one  Facebook  and  one  day,  suddenly  I  knew,  I  was  working  as  a subject  instructor  on  a class, where  her  daughter  used  to  study.   I’ve  seen  many  parents,  who  generally  say  that,  grades  are  not  a  complete  measurement  of  student,  but on  the  day  of  result,  they  scold  their  children  because  of  poor  grades.  And  I’ve  seen  only  one  guardian who  can  proudly  announce  in  front  of  mass  that  her  daughter  was  average  student.  And  I  never  seen her  to  pushing  her  daughter  out  of  her  limit.  And  the  guardian  was  Namrata  Pandey.  And  her  daughter might  be  of  average  level  on  her  grades  but  was  outstanding  on  every  other  aspect.  And  it  is  only possible  only  under  the  right  guardianship. And,  one  day,  I  came  to  know,  she  ,  along  with  her  husband  has  published  a  book  named  “  Aafno Katha”. At  first,  I  thought  it  was their biography, because  of  the  title  of  the book.  And  I even did  not  tried to  ask  her  about  it.  And  it  was  very  stupid  deed.  And  ,  seriously,  I  was  not  really  interested  on  reading the  biography.  But,  again,  I  came  to  know,  stock  was  over  and  second  edition  was  already  published, and  now,  this  time,  and  for  the  first  time,  I  was  interested  to  read  this  book.  And,  yes,  I  got  this  book  in the library  of  school,  where  I work. This  book  is  all  about  life.  With  suitable  metaphors,  stories  and  their  own  experiences,  they  have  made this  book  best.  They  have  claimed  this  book  as  a  collection  of  spiritual  essays,  but  this  book  goes  beyond it. This book  teaches about  how  to  live  a  good  life.   This  is  not  the  book  to  be  read.  This  is  the  book  to  be  felt  from  the  heart  and  experience  it.  Only  then, the  main  theme  of  the  book  is clearly  understood.   In  many  part  of  the  book,  authors  have  talked  about  Osho.  And  Osho  himself  has  once  said  that, whatever  you  say, will  be  wrong.  It  is  because  ,  there  will  be  obviously  error  in  expression.  And  this  book is no  exception. Writers  themselves  have  accepted  that,  they  are  not  professional  book  writer.  And  they  have  mainly focused  on  their  spiritual  experience.  But  they  have  not  given  emphasis  on  language  part.  It  seems  that,
they  also  felt  the same,  so  they  have  hired  experts  for  language  editing, but  still there  are  more  things to be  corrected. This  book  is  written  by  two  authors  but  readers  can  easily  feel  that  topics  have  been  written  separately. In  some  topics,  readers  can  find  personal  experience  ,  and  can  conclude  that,  this  part  is  written  by  this writer.  But,  writers  seems  to  be  totally  unaware  about  this.  So  it  would  have  been  much  better  if  the writer’s  name  was  clearly  mentioned in  every  topic  to  minimize  the  confusion. And,    writers  have  given  wrong  facts  also.  For  example,  in  page  number,  113,  they  have  given  an example  of  Einstein,  but  that  story    was  about  Edison.  And  they  have  mentioned  that  Einstein  was mastermind  behind  Quantum  mechanics,  however,  he  is  never  regarded  as  a  scientist  of  Quantum mechanics. Although, he  discovered  photoelectric  effect,  which  theory  is regarded  as  a important  theory for  the  evolution  of  quantum  mechanics,  but    Einstein  is  not  regarded  as  a  Quantum  theorist  because  he was  not  willing  to  accept  the  result  of  quantum  mechanics Although  there  may  be  some  errors  on  book,  this  book  is  masterpiece  for  all  those  persons,  who  wants to  know  about  themselves  and  about  the  nature.   

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