The Truman's show

In the movie, “ The Truman’s show”, the main character is subjected to live seemingly harsh life. From the birth, he has been adopted by a television reality show and his every activity is continuously being broadcasted by a television show. Later on, he realizes that all his family members, friends, coworkers and all the peoples he meet in his life are well trained actors and the part of the reality show.  When he realizes all these things, what will be his next step, is the main part of the story. I still remember, the day, when I watched the movie. I watched that movie on my laptop, and it was almost two or three afternoon, when I completed that movie. When I went out for buying some groceries after watching the movie, every known face looked like alien to me. I knew it was a hangover after watching the movie. But It took another few years to realize that I was also a victim of similar show. And this show was running continuously on internet, and the host of the show was all big data companies. Now, I’m sure, you know what I’m talking about. It is all about social media and big data companies.
You don’t need to read many books to know, how big data companies such as Google or Facebook are using our valuable data to read our mind and manipulate our choices. When  you see an advertisement on your favorite social media, there is high chance that the advertisement is somehow related to your choices. Algorithms, present in big data companies are able to decrypt our choices based on our clicks and analyzing it for the benefit of big data companies.
But the story doesn’t end here. The algorithms are becoming more and more advanced. In future it is expected that, most of the people will believe on algorithms rather than their own intuition.   One example is, we are accustomed to rely on google searches for any valuable information. In future, we may depend on algorithms to make our personal choices also.
In this scenario, our free will ( which I believe does  not exist even today) will have no meaning and our every activities will be uploaded on  internet moment to moment. We will be  guided by algorithms and we will be exposed to internet as the Truman did in famous Truman’s show. But, he was somehow lucky, because at least he had humans around him, instead of internet.

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